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Family & Business Protection

We have many selling agreements with household name insurers for individual/group insurance including life, disability, health, and long-term care.

We understand the time it takes to find the company right for you.  Let us do the shopping to place you with industry leaders.

We offer complimentary insurance reviews to help you understand all the "what if" uncertainties and "gotchas" hidden in many insurance contracts.  Many clients find they can increase coverage for close to their current expense!

Growth & Distribution Strategies

The efficiency of your investment strategies are vital to a healthy portfolio.  Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and insurance products can all add  balance to a rich portfolio throughout your lifespan.

In your younger years,  efficiently amassing your potential nest egg is vital to your retirement success.

However, entering retirement is a whole new ball game.  It's not how much you have, it's how much you can spend...and how long you can spend it under current market conditions  

Legacy Strategies

We believe legacy strategies start with the first deposit for your future.  Why wait to the golden years to begin the process?  From an educational fund, first time home buy, first 401(k) deferral, or investment account, to life, disability, or long-term care purchases, you are either saving towards or insuring for it's success.

We can assist you in implementing all of these important financial decisions to effectively transfer the maximum amount of wealth to your loved ones.


Retire With 100%

How much will I need?  

Will my state pension cover my lifestyle?  How else can I save? 

Why don't I have a 401(k)?

Which pension selection is right for me?

All of these are common questions and concerns that deserve a valid answer.


Many schools offer supplemental programs called 403(b) and/or 457.  These programs work much like a 401(k). Choosing the correct plan is crucial for your personal planning. The laws around these plans are very different.

Learn the facts!

Brent has worked with thousands of educators for retirement consulting.  His passion for educating teachers stems from his father that was a teacher for 40 years...yet his father never knew of these supplemental plans offered by the district.  Imagine what 40 years of saving could have added up to in his golden years!  He easily could have retired at 100%.

Let us give you an accurate pension analysis and incorporate your other personal savings and investments so you can retire with confidencel.

Your Business...Your Way

Full Sevice

My practice helps in creating strategies for your family and business needs from the cradle to your transition of wealth. We are confident in creating your Purpose Driven Portfolio.

Many people regrettably mix long and short-term savings without assigning a specific purpose. While prioritizing and amassing your wealth with your specific objectives, we seek to help maximize insurance coverages with little to no out of pocket expense.

Put a purpose to your portfolio with Bloom Financial Partners.

Our Mission

At Bloom Financial Partners, we enjoy custom designing your investment and insurance portfolios.  Having an open-architecture of a vast selection of companies to fulfill your specific dreams and goals sets us apart from your typical financial services agent whose allegiance may be to one company.

What that means to you is we become your professional shopper once we mutually determine your desired plan of action.  Financial freedom is too elusive to not explore all the options, fees, and expenses.

Brent D. Bloom

Above all, I'm a father of three beautiful daughters.  They fill my life with happiness and non-stop laughter.  In our free time, you'll find us fishing, boating, or at the ball park.  It's what makes The Blooms tick!  

My former career was teaching science and coaching.  This life experience still serves as a valuable skill in social communication, time management with many clients, and breaking down the complexities of your finances.

Qualify Your Organization

Association & Affinity Group Discounts

With some insurers, we are able to offer special pricing and discounts.  Currently, we have life time membership discounts in place for qualified groups of Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary Professionals; however, we are not limited to those occupations.

Contact Brent Bloom to see what discounts he can shop for your organization!


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